Safety at ISD 318

  • ISD 318 Safety Committee

    Mission Statement

    Independent School District #318 believes that all students, staff, and visitors benefit from a safe and healthy work environment. We are committed to maintaining an accident and injury-free workplace and we are committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations governing workplace safety. To achieve this goal it becomes everyone's responsibility as we work together to identify and eliminate unsafe conditions and practices.

    The Safety Committee is comprised of the Labor Management Committee members.

    The Safety Sub-Committee is comprised of the Facilities Director, Transportation Director, Food and Nutrition Director, Special Education Director, Human Resource Director, Community Education Director, Activities Director, Business Manager, and Custodial Services Manager.

    Contact any of the directors for further information:

    • Activities: Dale Christy,
    • Business Manager: Kara Lundin,
    • Community Education: Melanie Debay,
    • Facilities and Custodial Services: Darin Cherne,
    • Food and Nutrition: Polly Podpeskar,
    • Human Resources: Kasie VanQuekelberg,
    • Special Education: Anna Lloyd,
    • Transportation: Greig Olson,
  • Illness/Injury/Workers' Compensation

    The District supports the practice of returning employees to work as soon as they are able to fulfill the requirements of their position following an absence due to an illness, injury, or an on-the-job injury. Each situation will be reviewed on an individual basis because of circumstances unique to each individual and/or their position. All work injuries, no matter how minor, should be reported to an employee's supervisor immediately. Safety information and forms are available on the right hand section of this page. 

    Accident/Injury Reporting and Post-Injury Expectations

    Despite the efforts of our safety program, employee injuries may occur. If an employee incurs an injury, they must:

    • Report the injury to an appropriate supervisor immediately, no matter how minor.
    • Document the injury on the district's workers' compensation form.
    • Understand that even if medical treatment is not immediately necessary, timely injury reporting makes payment and speedy care more likely should it be needed later. 
    • Follow the district's workers' compensation procedures in selecting an approved physician or clinic for initial treatment unless emergency room care is required.
    • Utilize the district's required forms when going to a treating physician and return the required signed forms back to the supervisor.
    • Understand if there are any physician designated physical work restrictions, the supervisory staff may accommodate the restriction or provide temporarily reassigned work. This temporary transitional work may be outside of an employee's customary department, location, or shift per the business needs of the district, but will not exceed the treating provider's recommendations. 
    • Understand that hours of transitional duty work scheduled/offered, but not fulfilled, may result in a negative impact on compensable benefits from the workers' compensation insurance company.
    • Understand that any designated medical restrictions apply to both home and work activities.
    • Keep regular contact with the supervisor if restrictions cannot be accommodated and they are away from work. 
    • Expect contact from a workers' compensation claims representative. 
    • Realize that an accident investigation will be initiated as a standard procedure.