• The distance learning reset will begin on Monday, November 23 for 3-12 students in Cohasset and Grand Rapids and 7-12 students in Bigfork. K-2 students at West Rapids Elementary will attend school on Monday, November 23 as usual to receive distance learning materials unless otherwise notified. The distance learning period will go through December 6 unless we continue to have large numbers of staff and students who are quarantined or infected.

    • To receive school meal delivery during that period visit bit.ly/318mealdelivery.

    • If you will need internet access during the reset period, please contact your school office right away.

  • The staff at West Rapids are committed to helping ALL students learn and achieve.

    Start Time: 8:30 Dismissal: 2:55 (M/T/Th/F)
    2:20 (Wednesday Early Release)