• ISD 318 is committed to meeting the needs of gifted and talented learners. We consider the needs of gifted learners as we make programming decisions and offer appropriate learning environments and strategies for gifted learners.

    All students in the district are encouraged to continually strive to reach their potential and look at learning as a life long process. This includes the whole range of the student spectrum from those who have multiple special needs to those with the highest of capabilities. All children have the right to reach their highest potential.

    State and national mandates are focusing on local school districts to concentrate on bringing all students to proficiency. This is an important goal that has immense challenges. It is not only a positive initiative but imperative to students in rural Minnesota. However, for gifted learners and highly motivated students, the pursuit of excellence, not proficiency, is the desired goal. These students deserve a challenging and appropriate education. While all area schools strive to challenge all their students, it has become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of this segment of our population.

    Gifted children are everywhere. They are not just from upper-income families but represent a diverse cross-section of backgrounds, ethnic groups, and socioeconomic levels. They differ from others of their age group in learning style, depth and complexity of understanding, and potential. Some students are in environments outside of the school day that expose them to new information and challenge them. But those without resources are solely dependent on the school system to meet their needs. Without support systems at all levels, these students are at risk of underachievement and may never reach their potential.

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    Gifted and Talented Coordinator
    Jen Sjodin