• ISD #318 is committed to meeting the needs of gifted and talented learners

    Gifted and talented children and youth are those students with outstanding abilities, identified at preschool, elementary, and secondary levels. The potential of gifted students requires differentiated and challenging educational programs or services beyond those provided in the general school program. Students capable of high performance include those with demonstrated achievement or potential ability in one or more of these areas: general intellectual, specific academic subjects, creativity, leadership, and visual/performing arts.

    *Minnesota Department of Education Definition

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  • How is a student at ISD #318 referred  for a gifted and talented identification evaluation? 

    • Referrals Based on Data  
      • ALL K-8 ISD 318 students are screened for giftedness using thresholds built in our data warehouse, eduCLIMBER.  EduCLIMBER thresholds assist in identifying students in grades K-12  who are performing at the highest levels of academic achievement (in both math and reading). 
    • Teacher and/or Family Referral 
      • Teachers and/or families are encouraged to refer students performing at extremely high academic levels and exhibiting traits of giftedness. (See this link from NAGC for a complete list of Traits of Giftedness)
      • Teacher and family referrals may not result in an immediate GATE evaluation.  At the time of referral, a review of the student's historical data will be conducted in order to determine whether or not the gifted and talented coordinator will proceed with a full GATE evaluation.

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  • Enrichment Kits: Did you know that your GATE students can check out enrichment materials at each of the elementary school libraries?  Check out the list below.  These materials are rotated quarterly. Please be sure to return the enrichment kits in their entirety! 

  • Middle School Services

  • High School Services

  • Elementary School Services

  • Enrichment & Extracurricular

    Enrichment activities include opportunities that provide depth and complexity through exploration, extension, or elaboration. Extracurricular activities and organized events include opportunities outside of the traditional school day. 

  • Contact Us

    Gifted and Talented Coordinator
    Jennifer Sjodin
    218-327-5700 ext 41945

ISD #318 Gifted and Talented Services
  • New Winter 2023....

    GATE enrichment groups weekly at each site K-6 (led by an instructional ESP who will work closely with the gifted and talented coordinator).  These weekly small groups will dive into math, reading, science and social studies enrichment activities.