• COVID Funding at ISD 318

    The school district has been awarded $11 million in COVID Relief Funds through three different waves of emergency funding. The federal government reimburses the district after the funds are spent. The relief funds all come with requirements and allowable spend dates. ISD 318 has identified four priority areas in spending the remaining funds.

    Funds are being used to provide academic interventions and student support to help students with learning gaps; to create and expand systems to detect and respond to increased mental health and behavioral needs; to ensure adequate staffing for effective and safe instruction; and to invest in physical learning environments to improve teaching and learning conditions, health and safety, and operational efficiency.

    Because our school district may continue to feel the impact of the pandemic in future years, we know that it is important not to spend all of the money at once.

    Below, you will find regular reports provided to the School Board and community on how the money has been spent.

ESSER Funding ThoughtExchange

  • ThoughtExchange descriptionWe want to hear from you about how we can best use our ESSER funds to address the academic, social, emotional, and mental health impacts of the pandemic on children and young adults.

    ISD 318 families, we are all continuing to navigate the impacts of the pandemic. We recognize that the pandemic has changed how we deliver education and has impacted our students.
    We are turning to you for additional input as we begin to plan the best ways to support our students. The ESSER funds provided from the federal government will allow us to find unique ways to address the academic, social, emotional, and mental health impacts of the pandemic on children and young adults.

    ISD 318 will receive a total of $11 million in grant funding through COVID relief funds, of which approximately $2.4 million has been spent. ESSER funds are to be used to address the academic, social, emotional, and mental health impacts on students of lost instructional time. These could include activities that specifically address the academic impact of lost instructional time or used for other COVID-19 pandemic response purposes. Your input can help make our support of students even stronger. You can find more information about how that money has been spent thus far on the Business Office section of our website.

    Please take a few moments to share your feedback and ideas through our ThoughtExchange. ThoughtExchange is a crowdsourcing tool that allows you to share your ideas and respond to the ideas of others.


    ThoughtExchange operates like a three-step process in the span of a condensed period:

    • SHARE - First, share a thought or idea in answer to the open-ended questions posed
    • STAR - Review the thoughts of others and star thoughts you like
    • DISCOVER - See the results of the exchange, including which thoughts were rated highest by your peers, and see themes that emerged.

    Click here to participate: tejoin.com/scroll/469088134 or just text 469-088-134 to the phone number 728-55 to get a link to participate in this exchange sent directly to you.

    The exchange will close on Sunday, September 19, so get started sharing your ideas today. 

    Thank you for helping us to create positive and engaging learning experiences for our students. Your voice is important to our efforts to continuously improve our schools for students and families.

    If you have any questions about the exchange or how it works, email district@isd318.org.

Spending Reports

District Spending Priorities

Depiction of COVID spending priorities