2020-2021 318Pride Stories

  • Serving Students

  • Champion Custodians

  • Kind in Kindergarten

  • Beyond Care

  • Spotlight on SpEd

  • Dedicated Driver

  • Top Tech Integrationist

  • Building Supports

  • Super Social Worker

  • Tier One Team Work

  • Positive Progress

  • Connecting from a Distance

  • Promising Pick-Up

  • Accomplishments at the ALC

  • Amazing Admin at Bigfork

2019-2020 318Pride Stories

  • Giving it Her All

  • Making Work Fun

  • Delivered Meals are Making a Difference

  • Rocking it at RJEMS

  • Champion Custodians

  • Shout-Out to Secretary

  • Caring for our School Community

  • Dedicated to Distance Learning

  • Top-Notch Tech

  • Care at Cohasset

  • Murphy Matters

  • Special Delivery

  • It Goes Beyond Support

  • Stepping In and Up

  • Team Player

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