Program Name Change Announcement!

  • Anishinaabe Gikinoo'amaadiwin was formerly known as "Indian Education". We are still here, and we are still the same program. We have adopted a new name in an effort to become more culturally aware and reflect the correct identity of our students. Anishinaabe Gikinoo'amaadiwin means "Ojibwe Education" in the Ojibwe language. 

    Anishinaabe Gikinoo'amaadiwin is pronounced:
    uh-nih-shih-nah-bay gih-kih-new uh-mah-dih-win

    Our team would be happy to help you pronounce this. Please swing by any of our classrooms and ask! 

  • Ojibwe Word of the Week

    Gikinawaabi: S/he Learns by Observation
    Pronunciation: gih-kihn-uh-wah-bih    

  • Faces of Anishinaabe Gikinoo'amaadiwin

  • Anishinaabe Gikinoo’amaadiwin

    Woodland Floral

    Since 1974, the Ojibwe Education Programs of ISD 318 has helped ensure the highest quality education for all children of native descent.

    Our Mission:

    ISD 318 Ojibwe Education is here to assist Native American students and their families by promoting academic success and cultural understanding between the community, staff, parents, and students. 

    Program Vision 

    The vision of the program is to work with Native American students as a whole, while providing social, emotional, physical, and economic support towards graduation and to become successful community members and practice life skills through the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

    The Seven Grandfather Teachings:

    • Wisdom - Nibwaakaawin       
    • Love - Zaagi'idiwin
    • Respect - Manaaji'idiwin
    • Bravery - Zoongide'ewin         
    • Honesty - Gwayakwaadiziwin
    • Humility - Inendizowin
    • Truth - Debwewin 
Seven Grandfathers
  • Contact Us

    Program Director - Office at East
    Bruce Goodwin
    218-327-5880 x41909

    Program Coordinator - Office at East
    Jessica Bobrowski
    218-327-5880 x41973

    Cultural Advocate - Office at West
    Eloise Jackson
    218-327-5800 x41312

    Student Advocate - GRHS
    Ella Cummings
    218-327-5760 x41681

    Student Advocate - RJEMS
    Samantha Peterson
    218-327-5800 x41257 

    Student Advocate - East Elementary
    Samantha Gould
    218-327-5880 x41974

    Student Advocate - West Elementary and Cohasset
    Dylan Annette
    218-327-5870 x41882 

    Student Advocate - Bigfork Schools
    Please contact program administration.

  • Dagwaagin Outstanding Student - GRHS 

Quarter 1 Outstanding Student - GRHS
  • Biboon Outstanding Student - GRHS

Quarter 2 Outstanding Student - GRHS
  • Ziigwan Outstanding Student - GRHS

Spring Outstanding Student