• Please note that transcript request forms vary by graduation date for BHS. If you graduated from BHS after 2003 you will be taken to an outside site called Parchment to download your transcript. If you graduated from GRHS at any time, your request will also be processed through Parchment.

    • Online payments for graduates of BHS prior to 2003 are available here or accessible in the form below.
    • For all GRHS graduates click here.
    • All ALC graduates click here for payment and complete the form below.

    Bigfork High School

    If you have questions about transcripts, please contact the BHS Counseling Department at 218-743-3444.

    Grand Rapids High School

    If you have questions about transcripts, please contact the GRHS Counseling Department at 218-327-5770.

    Grand Rapids Area Learning Center (ALC)

    If you have questions about transcripts, please contact the ALC at 218-327-5750.

  • How to request a transcript using Parchment.com.

    • Go to Parchment using the link for your school on the left. 
    • Click on “Create Account” under Learner or Third Party (parent).
    • Fill in information on this page and click “Sign up” at the bottom. You must use your PERSONAL E-mail account.
    • We recommend that you click “NO I do not want to share my information with colleges that may be interested in me."
    • A code will be sent to your email. Enter the code.
    • Log in with your e­mail as your user name and password.
    • Click on the plus (+) sign under “order your credentials” to name your high school.
    • Answer the questions and click “I waive my right to view recommendations”, and click “Consent and request.” 318 does not use this website for recommendations but you still have to click the box to go on.
    • Click on the “order” button in the Your Transcript box.
    • Type the name of the college in the box that you want to send your transcript to and click “Search.” You must fully spell out the name of the college exactly. Click “Select” on your college.
    • Leave the application tracking number blank and either “Add another destination (school)” or “Save and continue.”
    • Click “Continue” and sign your name in the box with your mouse. Type your parent’s name in the box and click “Checkout.”
    • Enter your credit card information, and click “Checkout.”