• Welcome to Teaching and Learning in ISD 318

    At ISD 318, student-focused academics recognize the uniqueness of each student. Our students are at the center of the instructional plan where their, interests, strengths and challenges, experiences, and family culture, all contribute to meeting students at their level in differentiated instruction.

    Curriculum is the “what” of teaching and instruction is the “how”.  Curriculum was once thought of as a scope and sequence from a textbook or a map of activities. Today, curriculum goes far beyond this and we are expanding its use as a management system to promote continuous improvement of programming and teaching techniques. How we achieve those techniques is outlined in the Vision Strategy Execution Measurement Statement (VSEM). You can read that statement by accessing the link on your left. We align programs to the Minnesota Academic State Standards. Those standards can also be accessed through the Minnesota Department of Education link to your left.

    State assessments are given each spring in the areas of reading, math, and science. Access the test specifications and resources here.

    If you have questions regarding any of our programs, please contact the Curriculum and Instruction office at 218‑327‑5706.