• Public Data Requests

    You have the right to request information from ISD 318. You may request data by using the form on the right.

    We may contact you to request additional details to fulfill your request. Providing your contact information is optional, however, If the school district does not understand the request, we cannot work on such a request until clarified.

    In some instances there may be a fee associated with your request. Inspection is free, but there is a charge for copies. Payment must be received before copies will be provided.

    If we do not have the data, we will notify you in writing as soon as possible. If we have the data, but it is not public, we will notify you and provide the legal reason as soon as possible. If we have the data and it is public, we will respond to your request within a resasonable amount of time.

    State statutes regarding data requests are available by clicking here