• Within the curriculum development process, ISD 318 administration and teachers

    • provide articulation of courses of study from kindergarten through grade twelve;
    • identify minimum objectives for each course and at each elementary grade level;
    • provide for continuing evaluation of programs for the purpose of attaining school district objectives;
    • provide a program for ongoing monitoring of student progress;
    • provide for specific, particular and special needs of all members of the student community;
    • create a local literacy plan to have every child reading at or above grade level no later than the end of grade 3, including English learners, and teachers providing comprehensive, scientifically based reading instruction consistent with law;
    • integrate required and elective course standards in the scope and sequence of the district curriculum;
    • and meet all applicable requirements of the Minnesota Department of Education and federal law.

    This work is guided by our curriculum review process. A team of teachers and principals throughout the district worked together to update and improve upon our Curriculum Review Cycle process. The results are linked below.