• Faces of Anishinaabe Gikinoo'amaadiwin

Ojibwe Word of the Week

  • niibin

  • Anishinaabe Gikinoo’amaadiwin

    Woodland Floral

    Since 1974, the Ojibwe Education Programs of ISD 318 has helped ensure the highest quality education for all children of native descent.

    Program Vision 

    The vision of the program is to work with Native American students as a whole, while providing social, emotional, physical, and economic support towards graduation and to become successful community members and practice life skills through the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

    The Seven Grandfather Teachings:

    • Wisdom - Nibwaakaawin       
    • Love - Zaagi'idiwin
    • Respect - Manaaji'idiwin
    • Bravery - Zoongide'ewin         
    • Honesty - Gwayakwaadiziwin
    • Humility - Inendizowin
    • Truth - Debwewin 
Seven Grandfathers
  • Dagwaagin Outstanding Student - GRHS 

Fall Outstanding Student - GRHS
  • Biboon Outstanding Student - GRHS

Winter Outstanding Student - GRHS
  • Ziigwan Outstanding Student - GRHS

Spring Outstanding Student