• Bus Rules and Discipline

    At Bus Stops

    • Students are expected to be at their bus stop 5 minutes before their scheduled pick up time. School bus drivers are not able to wait for late students.
    • Students are expected to respect the property of others while waiting at their bus stop.
    • Use of profanity is not permitted at bus stops.
    • Students must stay away from the street, road, or highway when waiting for the bus. Students should wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching the bus to board.
    • Students departing the bus must move away from the bus.
    • If students must cross the street, they are to always cross 10 feet in front of the bus where the driver can clearly monitor the student’s location. Students are to wait for the bus driver to signal students to cross the street.
    • Fighting, harassment, intimidation, and horseplay are forbidden at bus stops.
    • No use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs at bus stops.

    On the Bus

    • Students are to immediately follow the directions of the driver.
    • Students are to sit in their seats facing forward.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed on the bus.
    • Use of profanity is not permitted on the bus and students are to talk quietly.
    • Students are to keep all parts of their body inside the bus.
    • Students are to keep arms, legs, and belongings to themselves.
    • Fighting, harassment, intimidation, and horseplay are forbidden on the bus.
    • Students are not to throw any object on the bus.
    • No use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs on the bus.
    • All articles that students bring onto the bus with them must be able to fit on the student’s lap in their bus seat.
    • Do not bring any weapon or dangerous objects on the bus.
    • Students are not to damage the school bus.
    • Bus drivers have the right to assign seats to students.

    Some items not allowed on school buses

    • animals or insects
    • hazardous materials (knives, guns, flammable solutions)
    • oversized school projects
    • skateboards, skis, ski poles, fishing gear, hockey sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs, golf bags, sleds
    • balloons (may get loose and distract the driver)

    Some items permitted on school buses

    • a backpack type bag
    • band instruments (small enough to be contained on student’s lap)
    • ice skates (must be in a bag or have skate guards)
    • perfumed items such as hair, body sprays (including pumps and/or aerosols), fingernail polish, etc., may be carried but not used inside the bus

    Bus Discipline
    Consequences for school bus/bus stop misconduct will apply to all routes. Decisions regarding a student’s ability to ride the bus in connection with co-curricular and extra-curricular events (i.e., field trips or competitions) will be the sole discretion of the school district. Parents or guardians will be notified of any suspension of bus privileges.

    Students K-12:

    • Written warning
    • 1st offense - 1-day bus suspension
    • 2nd offense - 5-day bus suspension
    • 3rd offense - bus suspension for the remainder of the school year

    Students receiving Special Education services will receive discipline in conjunction with the student’s I.E.P.

    Based on the severity of a student’s conduct, more serious consequences may be imposed at any time. Depending on the nature of the offense, consequences such as suspension or expulsion from school may also result from school bus/bus stop misconduct.

    Records of school bus/bus stop misconduct will be forwarded to the individual school building and will be retained in the same manner as other student discipline records. Reports of serious misconduct will be provided to the Department of Public Safety. Records may also be maintained in the transportation office.

    Students damaging school buses will be responsible for the damage. Failure to pay such damages/ restitution (or make arrangements to pay) within two weeks will result in the loss of bus privileges until damages are paid.

    In cases involving criminal conduct (i.e., assault, weapons, possession or vandalism), the transportation office will press charges on the student involved and will inform the Superintendent, local law enforcement officials and the Department of Public Safety