• ISD 318's Technology Department is now providing remote support through a Bomgar© Box. This allows us to work on your device remotely. We instituted this program with the plan of increasing support offerings and lowering our response time. This does not replace the current work order system but works in conjunction with it. 

    In order to use this facet of our support, your computer must be running and able to connect to the internet. If your computer will not turn on or will not connect to the internet, contact your building secretary and have them place a work order for you. To access the remote support, click here.

    You will be taken to a screen that looks like the image on the left.

    Simply click on the representative's name to initiate a remote support session or the representative may send you a 'session key' that will allow you to initiate a session.  Most times the representative will be on the phone working hand in hand with you to solve your problem.

Screenshot of Bomgar Support Portal