• 2022-2023 Pesticide Annual Notification

    A Minnesota state law went into effect in the year 2000 that requires schools to inform parents or guardians and employees if they apply certain pesticides on school property.

    Independent School District #318 contracts with a pest control firm that implements a method referred to as an "Integrated Pest Management." This method attempts to minimize the use of pesticides by using traps and baits and applying pesticides only as a last resort. An inspection is performed initially and if necessary an application may be done in areas where pests are prevalent. If it is determined after inspection that it is necessary to apply pesticides in a building, the parents or guardians of the students and employees in that building will be notified.

    State law also requires that you be told the long-term health effects on children from the application of such pesticides or the class of chemicals to which they belong and may not be fully understood.

    If you have any questions regarding this notice please contact Darin Cherne at (218)327-5834 or dcherne@isd318.org.