• Early Release Notice

    Districts from the Itasca Area Schools Collaborative (IASC) have worked together to develop a common school calendar.

    To allow districts to share teaching staff and educational opportunities for students, including College in the Schools (CIS), TelePresence, and online courses for high school students.

    To provide common professional development time and training for staff.

    What are Early Release Wednesdays?
    Schools will dismiss students approximately 45 minutes early every Wednesday in order to facilitate professional development time for teachers.

    The extra time will be used for teachers to collaborate on ways to individualize and increase student learning and for professional development during which teachers and administrators can hold focused work sessions on technology integration, curriculum development, data analysis, and effective instructional strategies.

    How will this affect families and students?
    Students will either get on their bus to go home or need to be picked up approximately 45 minutes early every Wednesday based on the schedule below. School bell schedules will be in the student handbook for their school and will be distributed to families with the school calendar.

Chart depicting building start and end times