• Schools will still need to report cases of COVID-19 and families should still keep their child home if they are sick. If a child gets sick at school, a parent or guardian will need to bring the child home.


    • A 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated close contacts is considered the best health practice. However, schools may consider using a shortened exclusion period for unvaccinated contacts exposed in school or childcare settings (see: COVID-19: When to Quarantine).
    • Individuals who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine if exposed to a positive case unless they develop symptoms. They should be notified of a positive exposure and should be encouraged to monitor for symptoms. Testing should occur if symptoms develop.
    • Unvaccinated students/staff exposed to a COVID-19 case in their own household should be excluded for a full 14 days AFTER the last day of exposure. This could be as long as 24 days if they are unable to isolate within their household.


  • Visitors & Volunteers

    Visitors and volunteers are welcome in our buildings. However, just like with students, we would ask that you stay home if you are exhibiting any symptoms.

    when to stay home