• iPad Parent Information

    At, ISD 318 all students will receive or have access to a classroom iPad. Throughout this process, District 318 recognizes the need for increased awareness of student safety in a technological plan. Every student, staff member, and visitor to our buildings deserve a safe environment. To that end, policies will be implemented to ensure safety. In an effort to provide parents with information about the technology policies and iPad initiative, we are pleased to offer online access to all policy information and required paperwork.

    If you are a parent or guardian of a student who will have access to an iPad during the school year, please review the parent iPad policy information. Students in 7th-12th grade must submit a completed 1:1 Digital Student Learning Initiative Policy and Insurance Agreement along with any other specific building requirements. If you choose to sign up for insurance, we recommend you pay online using Campus Parent Portal.

    Digital Citizenship:
    Digital citizenship is defined as "norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use," and includes instruction in electronic standards of conduct and electronic precautions to guarantee safety. Our staff teach these norms regularly in grades where iPads are used. District 318 expects that our children will be able to navigate this technology while still retaining a safe environment.

    Students should have no expectation of privacy of materials found on the devices. District 318 staff reserve the right to review materials at any time.

    1:1 devices are subject to the same district-wide policies of Bullying Prohibition (#514) and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety (#524). Any electronic recordings obtained with the device are for instructional/educational purposes and individual use. These electronic recordings may not be shared, published, or re-broadcast for any reason without permission from all individuals in the recording.

    Misuse of a 1:1 device will result in discipline that could include restriction of access to the device. Discipline will be implemented on a case by case basis based on district policy.