• Online Safety Resources

    It's so easy to connect online, that the consequences of online behavior are rarely given a second thought. At ISD 318, we recognize how important it is for children to protect themselves and their reputations online. Every 5th grade student participates in a unit on Digital Citizenship (the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use). This information is also shared regularly in many different classes.

    Although students are not able to access Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram through school networks or on school-provided devices, we wanted to encourage families who are concerned about kids being exposed to potentially disturbing images through social media to have intentional conversations with them about what they encounter online. The following are some resources we have found to be helpful in helping our young learners navigate the internet, as well as tools for families looking to parent in a digital age.

    As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s principal, student support specialist, or counselor.

    Additional resources include:

    Protecting your kids online
    The FTC has a list of resources to help parents reduce online risks for their children. From protecting their privacy to cyberbullying to computer security, these fact sheets help keep parents informed about ways to keep kids safe online.

    Managing your online reputation
    No matter the online activity, kids should remember that they are creating a permanent record. Reputation Defender created this article about how high school students can manage their online reputations and still have fun.