• Strategic Planning at ISD 318

    During the 2021-2022 school year, we will begin the strategic planning process. Decisions we make through this process will help us offer the best educational opportunities possible and create a great student experience for all our learners. Because the work we do today will guide our future planning and goal setting, we need to hear from all of our families, students, teachers, and community members.

    Step 1: Community Engagment, Fall and Winter 2021

    The community engagement process begins in September 2021 and will take approximately four to five months. District staff will share invitations for students, families, staff, and community members to participate. We will ask for participation in surveys, ThoughtExchanges, focus groups, and more.

    A Steering Committee will be formed to guide the process.

    Step 2: Data Analysis, Winter and Spring 2022

    Our planning partners will examine the responses from all of our stakeholders and look for themes in your responses. We will look for key findings from each group. Information we learn from you will help guide the district in refining the mission, vision, values and strategic directions moving forward.

    Using that information we will begin to develop a framework for our future planning. The framework will ensure that the key findings and themes from our stakeholders will be incorporated into the daily experience of our students and daily work of the district.

    Step 3: Finalizing the Strategic Plan, Spring and Early Summer 2022

    The final plan for how to provide the best educational opportunities possible as well as providing a positive student experience for all our young people will be presented to the School Board for approval.

    Using this plan, we will craft a District Operational Plan for the 2022-2023 School Year. All future annual plans will also be based on this work.

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