• Every year spring brings new growth and in schools the need to measure growth and progress with the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) or Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS). The process for standardized testing will be done in-person for our distance learners. The tests are administered to grades 3 through 8 and grades 10 and 11.

    All MCA/MTAS assessments will be done in-person at your child’s school during regular school hours - the state is not able to offer MCA testing outside of the school. While our district highly values monitoring progress, we realize that you may feel the health & safety concerns this year may outweigh the benefits of testing. Since MCA assessments will be conducted in person at the school sites, families of ConnectEd students may decide if they will participate in testing this year. There are no consequences for ConnectEd students who do not participate in the MCAs. Families can decide not to send their student for testing - you can make the choice that’s right for your family. If you choose to have your child participate in the MCAs this year, remember that face coverings are required in all district buildings and on buses. Also, staff and students must maintain a minimum of three feet between each other when possible.

    Tests will be conducted during regular school hours and are scheduled to take place between April 19th and May 21st. Each school will set the specific testing schedule, so if you choose to have your child test, you will be contacted by your child’s school with the testing dates.

    Students will also need to test on their district issued iPad. Be sure your child brings that iPad with the cord and charger. If your child has headphones please send those as well (they cannot be bluetooth headphones). Please be aware, testing could take more than five days for your child to complete.

    Meals will be available during the schools’ regular meal times. Transportation may be available for students, but will occur only on current before and after school district routes with current student riders.

    We have created a quick online form to indicate whether or not you wish to have your child participate in MCA testing. If you choose to opt out for reasons other than the pandemic, please contact your building principal.