• As we prepare to shift to add our elementary (3-5) students to the hybrid model, we know that many parents have questions about the next steps. Hybrid learning for 3-5 students in Cohasset and Grand Rapids school students will begin on Tuesday, October 20, with Group B attending in-person. There are no classes for elementary school students on Wednesday, October 14 as teachers plan. This does not apply to ConnectEd students.

    Based on the guidelines from the state, we must wait a minimum of two to three weeks before returning to an in-person model to ensure that there is not a continuation of outbreaks. We will be working with Itasca County Public Health to assess the level of viral activity in our community and its impact on our schools to determine when it is appropriate to return to in-person learning. We will continue to keep parents informed with regular announcements. We expect to be in this model through the end of the quarter, November 6. Hopefully by that time case numbers will have improved in Itasca County.

    We’ve prepared a list of questions and answers here. If you don’t see your question answered here, please email covidplanning@isd318.org.

    Which students are in the hybrid model?
    The hybrid model applies to Bigfork High School students (7-12), GRHS students, RJEMS students, and students in Grades 3-5 at Cohasset, East Rapids, and West Rapids Elementary Schools. If cases continue to increase, we may need to increase restrictions on learning. We encourage families to take precautions in limiting the spread of COVID-19 to help us avoid that.

    How do I know which group my student is in?
    You received an email on October 6 from Jessica Setness. It states if your household is in A or B. Please refer to that email. That information is also illustrated in Parent Portal. Please see the screenshot below.

    How do I know when my student should attend in-person?
    We have a calendar of days available by clicking here. You can also access a calendar in Parent Portal. Under the left Navigation sandwich bar, click on Calendar - when you choose a date, the "Virtual" orange tag comes up on the days the student is virtual (see below).

    Screenshot parent portal calendar

    Will my bus route change?
    Bus routes will not change. If you have questions about your specific stop, please contact the Transportation Department at 218-327-5830.

    What if I don’t have internet access or it isn’t sufficient for streaming meetings?
    Please contact your school building or call 218-327-5730 right away. Our technology department is able to assist in setting up high-speed internet in the homes of ISD 318 students. We also have a limited number of hot spots available.

    What if I want to switch to the other hybrid group?
    Our staff have worked to ensure that the hybrid groups are based on households and create balanced classrooms each day, therefore it is not possible to change groups. If you have children that have been assigned to different hybrid groups, please contact your school building right away.

    What will teachers be using to instruct students?
    Middle and high school students will be doing their work through Schoology. Students in elementary schools will use Seesaw for their work. Parent Portal will still be available to you to check on your child's progress throughout the year. There may be times when teachers want to connect face to face "live" with students, so they may use Zoom to do that.

    How do students log in?
    Teachers will spend the remainder of the week prior to hybrid ensuring that students know how to log in and what participation expectations are. If you have questions, please email your student’s teacher.

    What if my student can’t log in to Zoom, Seesaw, or Schoology?
    The parent or student should email their teacher right away. Teachers will ensure students are not marked absent and can direct the issue to the appropriate staff member.

    What is the expectation of my student on virtual learning days?
    In the hybrid model, students attend all seven classes in-person two days per week and will receive instruction and independent work that should be completed on the remaining three days. There may be occasions when teachers choose to meet with students virtually on their independent work days. Students who are learning at home should check in with their teachers each hour to ensure that they are marked in attendance for the day. Teachers will communicate how that check-in process will take place, whether as a google form, a brief email, via zoom, or other method. See the table below.

    Table of in-person days

    Why aren’t we having students meet on M/T and Th/F if we are trying to limit the spread of COVID-19?
    By limiting the number of students in our buildings, we are working to reduce the spread of the virus in our classrooms. However, limiting the amount of time spent without face-to-face interaction between students and teachers allows us to improve student engagement and to increase academic rigor.

    Will school meals be available?
    Yes, students in the hybrid model may pick up meals as they exit the building on their in-person days.

    ConnectEd families may pick up meals for students daily outside the entrance to GRHS and Bigfork School. Pick up times are Monday through Friday from 10:00-10:15 am.

    Is there childcare available?
    Childcare is available for the children of Tier 1 workers under the age of 12. You can access a list of people considered Tier 1 workers by clicking here. If you are eligible, please click here to register. The City of Bigfork is also providing adult supervision and access to high-speed internet for Bigfork students. Please contact City of Bigfork Clerk, Angie Storlie at 218-743-3782.

    Are there still athletics and activities?
    Yes, extracurricular activities are still offered in the hybrid model. If our numbers increase and we need to move to a remote learning model, there will be no after school activities.

    Can other groups use district facilities during hybrid learning?
    A Learning Model Advisory Team has been created to advise and assist in the decisions around the school district’s learning model. The team’s decision-making guidelines prioritize the safety of students and staff and strive to maintain in-person learning, especially for young learners. To help ensure in-person learning, the district has developed a plan for district facility usage in each learning model.

    • In-Person Learning - Facility use available for district and non-district activities.
    • Hybrid Learning - Facility use available for district activities only.
    • Distance Learning - Facilities not available for any usage other than essential programs.

    In order to help minimize cross-contamination and to give custodians proper time to thoroughly clean facilities, the following guidelines will also be used in determining facility usage during this pandemic:

    • Limit hours of use: Facility reservations will end at 8:00 pm on school days in all district buildings. Weekend reservations will follow normal schedules.
    • Limit spaces of usage: Each district building will have a limited number of spaces available for reservations in order to minimize traffic throughout the building and to assist the custodial staff in focusing cleaning efforts in high traffic areas.
    • Limit participants to designated buildings: In order to minimize cross-contamination, the facility scheduler will make every effort to schedule group participants in the building where they attend school during the day (i.e. participants in grades K-5 will be scheduled in elementary schools, grades 6-8 will be scheduled at the middle school, and grades 9-12 will be scheduled at the high school).
    • Follow District COVID-19 Safety Guidelines: All groups must provide and follow an approved program Safety Plan.

    Facility requests are being accepted as reservations will be scheduled whenever the district is in the In-Person Learning Model. The ISD 318 Facility Use Form can be found at by clicking here.

    What if my question isn’t answered here?
    Please email covidplanning@isd318.org.