• A school district's opening plan is based on the 14-day county-level case rate per 10,000 people. Learning models are based on the number of cases, the lower the cases in a county the less restrictive the learning model may be.

    The rates are verified with the local Public Health office. 

A chart showing how a school may reopen. Available in alt formats.
  • In addition to the lower case rates, the following are also required for in-person and hybrid learning:

    • Masking policy
    • PPE for direct support student services
    • Routines of hygiene education and practices
    • Daily cleaning and frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces throughout the day
    • Building level COVID-19 program coordinator
    • Limiting nonessential visitors, volunteers, and external groups
    • Discontinuing large gatherings and activities that do not allow for social distancing
    • Monitoring and excluding for illnesses

    The following are required in a hybrid learning scenario

    • Social distancing of 6 feet at all times in school buildings
    • School facilities operate at 50% capacity
    • Transportation operates at 50% capacity
    • Sufficient staffing levels must be in place