• Highest student achievement is the primary aim of District 318. As we researched the effective use of resources to achieve that goal, improving technology and access to technology became an important commitment.

    Children today were born in the world of the Internet and learning through the use of technology. These kids understand technology and use it at every opportunity. In the education world, there is a major culture shift in which the classroom becomes student-centered through infusion of technology as a teaching and learning tool. Technology and 1:1 devices offer another way for teachers to engage children. As a result, the District Technology Plan was created. This district-wide plan will not only improve learning but allow for the ability to tailor learning to student needs and improve access to technology throughout the district.

    The goals of the technology plan are:

    • To improve equity of access to technology
    • To improve the quality of learning
    • To institute and support best practice in technology integration
    • To improve student learning of content
    • To institute formative assessments and differentiated instruction
    • To increase performance on standardized tests
    • To improve student ability to become lifelong learners
    • To prepare students for the world of work
    • To improve the school-home connection

    To achieve these important goals, the following steps have been undertaken:

    • The purchase of additional portable labs to support increased MDE (Minnesota Department of Education) assessment requirements
    • Over a four year period, provide all students grades 5-12 with a personal student device for 24-7 access to learning, and provide all classrooms grades 2-4 with classroom sets of student devices
    • The addition of Technology Integration coaches and technology staff
    • Ongoing teacher training and staff development