• At ISD 318, we believe that a safe learning environment is crucial to the highest student achievement.

    Our goal is to provide a safe and positive experience for all children, and our bullying prohibition policy is one facet of that goal. ISD 318 has never tolerated bullying, and our policy is in line with the legislature’s Safe and Supportive Schools Act.

    The biggest change with the legislation is the definition of bullying. The definition can be broken into four parts:

    1. Bullying is intimidating, threatening, abusive, or hurtful conduct,
    2. It is objectively offensive, and
    3. The conduct involves an imbalance of power and is repeated, or
    4. The conduct materially and substantially interferes with a student’s education or ability to participate in school activities.

    Bullying falls into two categories:

    1. Bad behavior that involves an imbalance of power and pattern, or
    2. Bad behavior that significantly affects a student’s ability to participate in school, classes, or events.

    There is a difference between acts of bullying and behavior that is simply rude or mean. All students in ISD 318 will receive information on bullying behaviors and our bullying prohibition policy. Students will also receive education on identifying bullying, and problem-solving and social skills will be modeled for all students. District 318 students are encouraged to stand up for each other and to report any instance of bullying.

    Parents, we encourage you to get involved. If you suspect your child is bullying or being bullied, talk to your child’s teacher or principal. Every child deserves a safe and supportive school.

    Below are just some of the ways teachers, counselors, and other staff are teaching kids about bullying:

    • Anti-bullying policy posted in each classroom and included in student handbooks
    • Open door policies
    • Fostering caring and trusting relationships
    • Multiple levels of emotional and social support
    • Access to school counselors and referrals to mental health services
    • Empathy awareness and training for students
    • Student-led bullying prevention initiatives
    • Classroom counseling lessons
    • School assemblies on caring and friendships
    • Bullying prevention speakers
    • Digital citizenship classes
    • Student interventions
    • Supporting and rewarding positive school climates and student character
    • Investigations into each report of bullying
    • Ongoing bullying prevention training provided to employees
Image of child as super hero with anti-bully message