• Things to Consider When Choosing a College


    • Do I want to be close to home?
    • If I choose a college far away, can I afford to come home to visit?
    • Do I want to live in an area that offers cultural diversity?
    • Would I prefer a college in a small town or a big city?


    • Would I be more comfortable at a large university with many students in a class or a smaller school with small class sizes?

    Majors/Academics offered

    • Does this school offer the major that I am interested in?
    • If I change my mind about my major, do they offer a wide variety of majors to choose from?

    Social/Extra Curricular

    • What extracurricular activities are available for students?

    Criteria for admissions

    • Do I meet their criteria to be accepted (criteria are usually listed on the college’s web site)?
    • If I am accepted, can I be successful academically at this school?

    Internships available

    • Are students connected with internships in the field that they want to pursue?

    Earn a degree in 4 years

    • What percentage of your students graduate in 4 years?

    On-campus housing

    • Is on-campus housing offered?
    • Is everyone guaranteed on-campus housing who wants it?
    • Are students required to live on campus?
    • What housing options do you provide?


    • What are tuition, books, room, and board costs?
    • If you live off-campus, what are typical rates for rent, electricity, water, heat, etc.
    • Are there additional student fees?

    Scholarships available

    • What institutional scholarships are available to your students?
    • Are they only available to freshmen, or do upper-class students have opportunities for scholarships?

    Student Support Services

    • Financial Aid office, counseling, career center, tutoring, academic advising, student health center etc.

    Visit the school before you decide if you will attend

    • Every college campus has its own unique atmosphere and culture. There is no way to tell this from a brochure or a web site. You must visit; preferably when school is in session.