• Welcome to West Rapids Elementary

    We are excited to welcome your family to West Rapids Elementary. We have the privilege and responsibility of working with very important individuals -- your children. We feel certain that school will be exciting and challenging for all of us as we work toward the common goal of providing the best educational experiences for all students.

    Our administrative team includes Mr. Martinson who was the Interim Superintendent and before that Principal at Murphy Elementary School (and Cohasset a long time ago!).  Our team also includes Mr. Clayton Lindner who was most recently the Principal at Southwest Elementary and prior to that was also the principal at Northland Community School.

    We are welcoming you to a newer school, but our commitment to students remains the same. Our goal is to provide a safe, accepting, and positive environment where students experience meaningful learning every day. We are proud of our school and the strong work we do with children every day.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
    Mr. Martinson and Mr. Lindner
    West Rapids Elementary Principals

image of Mr. Lindner and Mr. Martinson