• ALC Independent Study

    What is Independent Study (IS)?
    The IS Program is an individualized program for the at-risk student who has fallen behind in credits and is self-motivated to complete high school graduation requirements. The program is designed for juniors and seniors. Success in this program is dependent on regular attendance, assignment completion, and maintenance of a steady rate of progress. Students generally attend three block classes one day a week in a small group setting. For each class, students complete assignments on their own time.

    How are credits earned?
    Credits are awarded based on successful completion of work assigned by our instructors. Students receive ½ credit for 70 hours of class and homework time.

    What is the enrollment procedure?
    Qualified students need to work through their guidance counselor to be referred to the ALC.

    What courses are offered at the ALC?
    Social studies, English, math, science, and elective courses are offered at the ALC.

    Where are classes held?
    Classes are held at our new facility located at 601 SW 7th Street in Grand Rapids, MN.

    Reasons to attend the ALC
    -Small class size
    -Independent assignments based on student needs
    -One on one time with highly qualified teachers
    -Recover lost credits to stay on track for graduation

    How does graduation work?
    Students that meet graduation requirements participate in ceremonies with Grand Rapids High School. They receive a Grand Rapids High School Diploma. Some students decide to transfer their credits back to their home school and graduate with their classmates.

    Further questions can be answered by your counselor or by calling the ALC at 218-327-5750.