• RAMA - Reading and Math Academy

    The Reading and Math Academy is a program designed to target student needs in reading and/or math. Students in grades 5-8 are placed in RAMA based upon multiple measures such as MCA scores, grades, various formative and summative assessments, and teacher/parent recommendations. Parents/Guardians are notified (permission is needed) in the spring for scheduling purposes as well as the fall of the upcoming school year. RAMA has experienced a significant amount of success, receiving statewide recognition.

    RAMA classes have a maximum of 12 students, each of whom receives individualized instruction to increase achievement levels. Instructors for RAMA reading teach strategies for fluency, comprehension, and decoding. This is determined by assessing areas of concern. The RAMA classes are in addition to the required Language Arts and Math classes. Sometimes RAMA replaces electives on a student’s schedule. This is determined on an individual basis and the goal is to strengthen skills to promote performance and success in the content areas.

    Please refer to Campus Parent (MALC tab) to monitor your student’s progress in RAMA. If you have questions before the school year begins, feel free to contact your student’s counselor at 218-327-5800. For questions during the school year, please contact your student’s RAMA teacher.