September 10, 2021

Good Friday Bigfork Huskies, here are your days announcements...

Great game last night for the Lady Huskies, they fought to the end however they lost in 5 to LIttlefork/Bigfalls.  Next game for the ladies is the Greenway Tournament in Greenway tomorrow.  Bus time is 8:00am.

The kids had their second cross country meet of the season yesterday. Bigfork had a rough night competing but still had an overall successful meet. Brooklynn Noble finished 9th with a time of 10:42.3. Shea Hennessey finished 12th with a time of 11:06.4. Both girls were in the Junior High event and took about a minute off their previous time last week in a field of 62! Nathan Niemala did not complete his run due to finding the hole that many other kids found, causing him to twist his ankle and also dealing with some heel pain, but he made a great run while he was on the course. Dalton Johnson also did not finish due to a twisted ankle on a tree root. He was also on pace to finish the race with a much faster time than last week, and eve though he tried to tough it out, in the end he was intelligent enough to recognizethe need to stop. Keegan Hennessey finished 58th in the Junior Varsity with a time of 24:18.6 which was also an improvement from last week! Josh Seeley finished the Junior Varsity race with a time of 34:42, which was an excellent time considering he only had a few practices under his belt due to work schedule conflicts, and this being his first meet since he was in 9th grade! Great job to all these athletes! 

Good Luck to the Football team tonight as they travel to Cherry to take on the Tigers.  Load time is 3:45 with a leave time 4:00.

Happy Birthday to McKenzie Wheat from all  your friends.

Opening day paperwork needs to be put in the pink basket in the office.  Ipad forms need to be turned into Jo Ann in the office.

Mrs. Heinle will be out today...He class schedule on where to go is posted outside of the office.

Library will be closed between 11:40 and 12:00 today,  1:15-1:45 and 2:40 - 3:15 unless teachers want to bring their class in and supervise.  No 1st grade Media!!

Please remember that there is a NO HAT policy.  Please be respectful of this and not wear your hat during the day.  

Attention students in grades 7-12:  Any schedule changes need to be made by the end of the day today.  See Mrs. Prato for help with that.

Please stand for the pledge.

Have a great weekend!!!!