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April 11, 2018
Voters approve ballot to build two new elementary schools and renovate Cohasset Elementary

Last night voters approved Ballot Question 1 for $68.9 million to build two new elementary schools and renovate Cohasset Elementary. Ballot Question 2 for $5.1 million for an addition to Bigfork for a locker room and weight room and turf for three fields did not pass. Returns by precinct will be available following a meeting of the County Canvassing Board.

"Thank you to all residents who provided input during the facility planning process and who voted on our district’s school bond referendum. 

Residents approved the first ballot question to respond to the urgent needs of our elementary students in Grand Rapids and Cohasset. Because voters passed Question 1, the district will move forward on the design work on two new neighborhood elementary schools in Grand Rapids and renovation of Cohasset Elementary, which will begin this month. 

Voters did not approve Question 2, meaning improvements will not move ahead with Bigfork and Grand Rapids activity and athletic facilities at this time. We will continue to work with our community to find the right plan to address these challenges.

I am proud of our district’s commitment to high-quality education and look forward to this exciting new chapter for our elementary students and early childhood families. On behalf of district staff and the School Board, I want to thank the more than 200 residents who participated in the elementary and activity task forces during the past year to design these plans.

You will find frequent updates on design and construction on the district website at, in district mailings, and many other communication methods. Thank you for your support of our schools."
Joni Olson
ISD 318 Superintendent

Vote totals are:
3249 Yes
3187 No

2883 Yes
3532 No