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What is a 318Pride story?

Button image - share your pride storyThe #318Pride stories section of our website is a chance for you to share your successes! Teachers, tell us about achievements in the classroom. Students, share your academic and athletic accomplishments. Families, submit your positive experiences at our schools. Staff members, offer your victories.

We want to celebrate all that you're doing for #318Pride! Just submit your success using our easy form and we'll look for ways to share it on our website, newsletters, social media sites and more!
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Wearing Many Hats

During a busy concert season, Betsy Sween (One of two choir teachers at RJEMS) took time in class to teach the importance of respecting other's differences. She works hard to protect her student's emotional well-being, and encourages social-emotional learning among peers. On this day, she wore silly hats that she personally made (but enjoys wearing) to teach kids to keep bad opinions to themselves, and also to respect other's interests. She told a personal story to all of her classes of how she was once hurt by a person's negative remark about her hat, and had to choose to let that opinion go. Betsy also read a story to teach her 6th-8th grade students to be OK with who they are...More Information

Handling Challenges with Grace

Julie Rasmussen is truly the glue that holds us together. She handles each challenge with beauty and grace and treats everyone with kindness. Many of the changes that are currently happening in the district affect her job directly, but she keeps on smiling and serving others no matter how much is thrown her way. Thank you, Julie!

Always with a Smile!

I'd like to give a Huge Shout-Out to Missy Bildeaux! She is energetic and efficient. Missy is quick to lend a helping hand whether it is curriculum, staff development, or administrative related. She personifies Service with a Smile to a T. Thank you, Missy, for your hard work and dedication! It is greatly appreciated!

Awesome Admin

Every day I am thankful for the leadership our Administrators provide at the high school. They demonstrate their care by greeting teachers and students every day, stopping by classrooms to check in and are always available for questions, solutions or simply an ear to listen. They are team players who are reliable and effective with students and are always striving for growth. Thank you Principals for all you do at the High School!..More Information

Thank You Coaches

I want to give a shout out to James Scherping at GRHS. We were struggling to find a coach for the Junior High Girls Basketball team. And it came down to the wire. Without James stepping up to coach our girls, we wouldn’t have had a team this year. 
All of our coaches give so much of their extra time to make sure our students succeed. Thank you!


"Working" on the Weekends

We want to give a shout out to Jessica Taylor in Bigfork! Last month, she took her daughter and a few of our Bigfork students up the North Shore because she knew they had never made the trip and thought it was too good not to see in a person’s lifetime. “Giving up” her precious weekend to spend time with kids she spends all week with certainly demonstrates her care and concern for the families in Bigfork!
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Supporting Us After School

Randy Longmore, our GRHS technician, was a huge support for the second annual GRHS Gaming Night, put on by the HOPE Club. Randy brought in TV's, computers, met with our planning group multiple times, and even temporarily set up Minecraft for high school students to enjoy one of their favorite games. He is such a positive and helpful person. The event could not have happened without him.
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Nurturing Nurse

Nurse Traci is an amazing asset to Southwest Elementary. She cares for all students and is dependable when it comes to the care of our students. She also has a very busy year with many high level nursing responsibilities that go above and beyond the daily issues.

Special Teacher

Renee Johnson is a Special Education Teacher at RJEMS. Ms. Johnson is always striving to help students and other staff succeed. She routinely helps other special education teachers and is a huge support to them. She is always problem solving and approaches every issue with a TEAM mindset. District #318 is proud of Renee Johnson and her dedication to our students!

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