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Chart of key dates

The first step is the selection of an architect.  A plan has been developed for an inclusive process to select an architect, with a timeline for selection by mid-May.  Then, design teams made up of teachers and administrators will begin work this summer to provide input regarding the school design. After initial design is completed, specific user groups will meet to provide feedback regarding the spaces in which they will work (for example, food and nutrition staff will provide feedback about the design of kitchens and cafeterias). 

Community members will also be asked to serve on design teams, participate in educational program design, and serve on the committee to determine the attendance areas for the two new elementary schools.

Bidding for the construction phase will occur early in December, with groundbreaking anticipated for the spring of 2019. It is expected that project completion will occur and the buildings will be occupied for the start of the 2021 school year at the latest.