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Team Work

The Technology Department was recently tasked with providing wireless access to the ball field and track at the High School for an upcoming track meet. While we have enjoyed support from the Maintenance Department before, this project required quite a bit of time and effort from them to make this project a success. Our District Electrician, Dale Wilkening, was instrumental in completing this project. Dale went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed to provide this service to our school in a very timely manner. His friendly manner and expertise made it a real pleasure to work with him.  ..More Information

Top-Notch Truancy Staff

I want to take a moment to talk about the Truancy Specialists in our schools. These staff members do a wonderful job communicating with kids and families about the importance of attending school every day. They take every day in stride and I rarely see any of them without a welcoming smile on their face. Thank you for doing such a great and important job making sure that our kids are in school prepared to learn!..More Information

The Impact of Rapids Rising

I want to take a moment and celebrate Nick Adams. I received a postcard in my mailbox and it said, "On an informal survey, MOST students told us they think teachers and other school staff members are one of the most credible sources of information available to them! Kudos to you for building a trusting, meaningful relationship with our students!" 
..More Information

Honoring students

GRHS held its monthly "Student of the Month" awards ceremony and I am so honored to be part of an organization that celebrates students success publicly. Also, I am very grateful to be surrounded by professionals who are very passionate about their students. If you have not attended the awards ceremony called "Student of the Month" at GRHS, I would highly encourage you to attend because it is inspiring to witness our student achievements celebrated by their teachers...More Information

Stepping in

Kasie V and Jen W have stepped up to bat so efficiently in a year with numerous contract settlements and retro payments.  They are both so very helpful and expert in their fields.  It feels like they have been here for quite some time...but they are brand new this year!  Celebrating their greatness is appropriate!  

Engaging our Kids

I would like to recognize Kim S. for treating all students with worth and value. I was privy to a conversation about one of our outstanding students when I overheard the social worker tell Kim S. this particular student "will not talk to a clinician; however, he has expressed how he trusts you and appreciates you." 

I am so proud to be an employee of ISD 318 where employees not only express their gratitude towards students but our customers witness how our employees treat students in our care. Kim...THANK YOU for all you do for the students in our care!! You do an amazing job!!
..More Information

RJEMS Speech Shout Out

Congratulations to the RJEMS Ribbon Winners at the Pequot Lakes Speech Meet on March 6! And to their coach Jenny Linnell, RJEMS LA Teacher. Nine students placed or received ribbons of excellence. Great job! 

Best Bosses!

As a team member, I hear nothing but great things about our leadership team at the high school. As employees, we are very fortunate to have bosses that are honest, positive, confident and student-centered. I want to take the time and thank Mr. Forbort, Mr. Dass, Mr. Schroeder, Mr. Pierce and Mr. Brunetta -all of you are OUTSTANDING bosses...thank you!

Music in our Schools

The 1st grade music program at Southwest was absolutely adorable but what stood out what Rachel's excitement for her students. From smiles, winks, thumbs up, and facial expressions, Rachel was constantly showing her students they were doing a good job and that she was proud of them. It was so wonderful to see her genuine enthusiasm for teaching!..More Information

Investing in Mental Health

Earlier this month, KARE 11 did a piece on the shortage of school counselors in MN. ISD 318 should be very proud that our community and school board addressed our ratios by taking advantage of the grant and adding school counselors in our district!  My ratio went from over 500 to about 350 when we added a counselor at GRHS.  And, all of our elementary schools now have a counselor or social worker as well!  ..More Information

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