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What is a 318Pride story?

Button image - share your pride storyThe #318Pride stories section of our website is a chance for you to share your successes! Teachers, tell us about achievements in the classroom. Students, share your academic and athletic accomplishments. Families, submit your positive experiences at our schools. Staff members, offer your victories.

We want to celebrate all that you're doing for #318Pride! Just submit your success using our easy form and we'll look for ways to share it on our website, newsletters, social media sites and more!
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Tech Teamwork

Our new tech Chris Larson has done an amazing job so far this year. He is easy to get a hold of and is always letting you know where he is at in the process of solving your issue. When he is in the building he is friendly and everyone loves him! We are so lucky to have you on our team Chris!

Student Supporter

Today, I saw a student who was having a rough time and carried this problem into school. And, I witnessed Hunter, another student at GRHS, demonstrate compassion, empathy, love, grace and mercy to this other student. Hunter processed the situation with him and really opened himself to this other student. I am so proud of all of our students and I know this is one reason why they will be successful as adults! I am a better teacher for knowing Hunter. ..More Information

Behind the Scenes

I think we sometimes forget how hard Lyn Rajala is working behind the scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly for us. I know whenever I have a problem or ask for a new report, Lyn is amazingly responsive and helpful. She’s a fantastic member of our team. Thanks Lyn!

Good News

I want to recognize our new principal Clayton Lindner. In just a few months, Mr. Linder has created a sense of pride in our students with his Good News Call of the Day on Facebook and Twitter. Our kids think it is really cool to be singled out for a picture with him! 

Always There

I know that the Admin team has a lot on their plates, so I want to commend Rochelle for always taking time for a kind or supportive word. I know if I'm having a problem, I can count on her to help me find a way to solve it. Or to just listen. She has so many responsibilities, but never feels rushed if I need help. I think we're really lucky to have Rochelle be a part of our team!

That Extra Step

Glen is so kind and caring with the students and staff - he goes above and beyond his job duties. No matter the task he says "sure, no problem." He takes the time to listen to students and takes care of even what must seem the silliest tasks. We would be lost without Glen and are so grateful to have him at RJEMS!!

Bus Success

We are so grateful to Wayne Nelson, Bus #27 driver! Parents and grandparents report how kind he is to our Murphy students. And, last month, he parked his bus and walked into the building with a lunch that one of our kindergartners left on the bus! We really appreciate that he goes the extra mile for our kids!

Happy Healthy Kids

Sending a HUGE shout-out to the PE department at RJEMS. By continuing to provide above and beyond opportunities like biking, golfing, and swimming as well as differentiating your PE classes, you are doing more than encouraging fitness for 45 minutes of the day, you are helping kids try something new!

Students have voiced positive feedback regarding your recreational/competitive gym offerings. One student said, "I actually have fun in gym class now! We do different activities that I enjoy, and I don't have the stress of having to do well in front of my classmates. I can just have fun!" Other activities such as the 6th Grade Swim Meet, the 6th Grade Track and Field Day, and the 8th Grade Golf Trip have not only exposed students to activities that they may have never tried or had the opportunity to do, but they also inspired some students to continue on in those sports by joining the GRHS Swim, Golf, and/or Track Teams.
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iPad Rollout

I want to recognize the amazing job of Amy Peterson, Heidi Clairmont, Christine Grover & Chris Granley along with extra hands to smoothly roll out the iPads to the 10th, 11th and 12th graders. It was a smooth start with lots of collaboration! Good job!

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