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What is a 318Pride story?

Button image - share your pride storyThe #318Pride stories section of our website is a chance for you to share your successes! Teachers, tell us about achievements in the classroom. Students, share your academic and athletic accomplishments. Families, submit your positive experiences at our schools. Staff members, offer your victories.

We want to celebrate all that you're doing for #318Pride! Just submit your success using our easy form and we'll look for ways to share it on our website, newsletters, social media sites and more!
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Creative Characters

Every year Teresa Langer spends ONE week dressing up as a new character, during creative writing week, supported by fellow teacher Greg Tatter. It may not sound challenging, but they act out the parts and dress to the nines! It takes A LOT of extra time and energy. Teresa and Greg go above and beyond to the get the kids interested in writing in a creative way! The kids who are in her class LOVE her and even the students in the hallway light up when they see the crazy attire! Some of the outfits/people include: a punk rocker, an old lady, a diva queen, a country girl... etc... Teresa does an amazing job inspiring the kids and getting them interested in English class! What a wonderful role model for all of us teachers!..More Information

Love and Care

Daily, Mrs. Sjodin demonstrates a loving and genuine care and whole-child concern for her students. Whether it is greeting her students every morning, arranging transportation, providing a meal, staying after-hours to work with students, sending Happy Birthday messages on non-school days, consulting with academic professionals, or arranging for her own teacher-growth to ensure she is the best-available asset for her students; she is unmatched in her genuine devotion to her kids Her commitment is remarkable, admirable, and is undoubtedly impactful to her students, their families, and our community. We are all more successful and positive with Mrs. Sjodin in our lives!..More Information

Transportation Hero

A few weeks ago my child was supposed to be picked up from school but was nowhere to be found. I contacted the bus garage and Kristin was so wonderful. She was calm, cool and collected. (I was not). She quickly gathered info from me and had me hold on the line while she checked to see if my child was on the bus. She was even patient when I asked her to check just one more time. She did without question. I am so thankful that we have quick acting and patient folks in our transportation department!..More Information

A Bridge-Builder

Mrs. Miskovich has an admirable and unwavering ability to meet students, parents, and staff where they are at with a student-centered, strength-based approach. Mrs. Miskovich quickly builds rapport, focuses on the whole child, and is able to make individualized gains alongside of students who historically may have experienced difficulty. She is a true asset and bridge-builder to anyone she meets; what a blessing she is to our Forest Lake School community!..More Information

Heart and Soul

Mrs. Mattei is one of my daughter's teachers at Cohasset Elementary School. While the entire staff has been amazing, Mrs. Mattei continues to stand out. She not only knows her content, she KNOWS my daughter. She knows her likes, dislikes, and what is going on in her life. We feel so lucky to have our daughter placed with a teacher who so clearly puts her heart and soul into her teaching.

Terrific Team

“Winning teams have the least amount of distractions. They have a really tight group of people working towards the same common goal.”
– Larry Dixon
I work in the Admin Building and just want to give a huge shout out to all of my fabulous, amazing, caring, fun, intelligent, & hard-working coworkers! We are definitely a  Winning Team and I look forward to coming to work each day just to be a part of such a dynamic group of people. 
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Admirable Professionals

As a district staff member who visits many buildings each week, I am always impressed at the positive nature of our front office staff. Parents, students and visitors are greeted with a warm smile and personal words. These staff members are busy each day with multiple tasks, but take the time to build relationships with all who enter the building. They exemplify 318 Pride. Our Administrative Professionals are amazing!  ..More Information

Dedication to Kids

Colleen Olson's dedication to the kids in her classroom is amazing! I've seen it many times, but it really was apparent after recently meeting with her. I was so impressed by how well she knew my child, exactly where my child was at and where my child struggles. It was so clear to me how much Mrs. Olson cares about the success of her students, truly understands their learning styles, and cares about them as young people...More Information

Care and Concern

Today, we had a meeting with our nursing staff where, unfortunately due to state requirements, we had to share a change in paperwork that adds to their workload. Each member of the staff accepted the change with a smile and they continue to work hard for our kids!

The amount of love and care our RJEMS Nurse gives to kids who maybe aren’t truly sick, but just need a little love and affection is amazing. You can feel the love coming out of her office.
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