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Infinitec - Free online resource for teachers or ESPs if account is created by IASC district employees or subs.

An online collection of instructional resources offers educators an opportunity to learn about disabilities including autism, as well as content areas such as reading, writing and math. - Online resource for teachers or ESPs

  • Free resources

    • A free SubEssentials training video

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    • Various free webinars pertinent to your position in the classroom

  • Click on Free SubEssentials for the introductory training.

    • This SubEssentials Introductory Course is designed to encourage, motivate, and introduce you to the great world of substitute teaching with general expectations, useful strategies in the classroom, and the rewards of being a substitute teacher.

    • Registration fee is waived making it free for any current or potential substitute teacher. Registration will give you access to a 24-minute video and the SubEssentials eBook.