Moodle in ISD 318 Schools
Moodle logoHave you heard your child talk about Moodle yet? No, it’s not an inside joke or made up word. Moodle is an online education tool designed to create a personalized learning environment, and it’s one that ISD 318 teachers are excited to provide to their students.

Teachers create a site that can be customized to fit their needs. Resources and activities can be added to their site, creating an online, “virtual” classroom. Teachers can add calendars, quizzes, study guides, the sky is the limit. Video, images, and sound files can also be embedded into the instructor’s Moodle site. 

Moodle sites can be used on any device, but are becoming increasingly beneficial as iPads make their way into classrooms. This powerful tool supports both blended and flipped classroom environments. Many parents are familiar with a blended classroom, where children have access to notes and materials online, but the teacher continues to teach to the whole group in the classroom environment. A flipped classroom turns the traditional model around. Teachers can record their lecture and place it online. Kids are expected to view the lecture as homework. Then, in the classroom, teachers are able to work with the kids in smaller groups allowing for more directed differentiated instruction.
Students will also be shown how to download Moodle resources to their iPads for use in places without Internet access. 

Parents can get a taste of Moodle and familiarize themselves with resources for the 1:1 initiative on our 1:1 Device Parent Education page. Just choose the option to log in as a Guest on the bottom of the site.