Digital Learning Frequently Asked Questions
Why is there a conversion to digital learning?
1:1 devices allow teachers to develop personalized, student-centered learning for your child. They allow for instant feedback and increased participation in classrooms. The devices also support essential skill areas like complex communication, new media literacy, creativity, and self-directed learning. The devices are not a replacement for teachers, simply a responsive tool for them to tailor learning to the individual. Though this may all seem like a big shift for us, to the students, it feels very natural. You can see what 7th grade students have to say about the need for devices on our YouTube channel.
Who owns the iPad?
The iPad is owned by ISD 318 Schools. Once middle school and high school students have demonstrated responsibility with the device, they will be allowed to take the device home for learning purposes. However, the device will be returned to the school during the final week of classes. The same iPad will be returned to the student the following year.
What is the cost of the iPad?
Just as there is no cost to students for textbooks unless lost or damaged, there is no cost to students for the iPad unless lost or damaged.
How are the teachers being trained on the devices?
Teachers receive their devices six months to a year prior to their students. The training is a comprehensive agenda from the most basic device functions to the very advanced, including blended and flipped classroom environments. In addition to the intensive training, the teachers have access to tech integration coaches who are available for one-on-one and classroom support. Teacher training includes building an online presence in case of a device change, this ensures that work is preserved in the case of advances in technology.
What is a blended classroom?
Blended classrooms place the teacher’s content in an online environment, like Moodle. Children have access to notes and materials online, but the teacher continues to teach to the whole group in the classroom environment. 
What is a flipped classroom?
Flipped classrooms turn the traditional model around. In a flipped classroom, a teacher will record their lecture and place it online. Kids are expected to view the lecture as homework. In the classroom, teachers are able to work with the kids in smaller groups allowing for more directed differentiated instruction.
What is Digital Citizenship?
Digital Citizenship is the responsible use of technology. It teaches children to respect, educate, and protect themselves and others. All students will be taught Digital Citizenship principles and cyber safety. 5th grade students will have a class on Digital Citizenship incorporated into their curriculum. Read more about Digital Citizenship under our Parens & Community tab.
Can children handle the responsibility of these devices?
We believe they can. Our 1:1 Initiative is based on the work of other districts. Students have shown that they are responsible enough to care for and use the devices to their fullest potential. Students will be required to sign a care pledge and prove their responsibility in a classroom setting before being allowed to remove the device from the building.
Will my child need access to the Internet?
Students will not need access to the internet at home in order to complete their studies. Documents and assignments can be downloaded to the device prior to leaving school, allowing students to access the documents at any time.
Can my child customize their iPad?
Students may not remove any of the ISD 318 schools labels or stickers. Each iPad will be provided with a protective case. Students should not alter the iPad in any way, but are able to customize and decorate the iPad case if it falls within school district policies. All content, photos, and data on the device must fall within the Technology Responsible Use Policy. The App Store and iTunes are disabled on all school owned devices. All apps will be installed by ISD 318 District Representatives.
What if we experience technical problems with the iPad?
If there are technical problems, the device should be taken to the Building Program Facilitator. If it cannot be fixed, a loaner iPad will be distributed based on availability. Technical support is not available outside of school hours.
What happens if my child’s iPad is lost or stolen?
The loss should be reported to the school immediately and a police report should be filed. ISD 318 iPads contain software that will be activated to track down the device in the case of loss or theft, but is not a guarantee of recovery.
What if the iPad is damaged?
ISD 318 families are encouraged, but not required, to purchase insurance through the school district. Intentional damage will be the responsibility of the family and student. Please note that elementary iPads stay at school and therefore no insurance option is required. A complete description of the insurance plan is available in the Digital Learning Family Handbook. 

If you have additional questions that aren't answered here, please contact the Curriculum & Instruction Department at 218-327-5706.