Application for Educational Benefits 
(formerly Free and Reduced Meal Application)
An application for Free and Reduced Meals is mailed to every family in the district the end of August. Families must re-apply annually to be approved for free or reduced meal benefits. Applications are available online and also at all ISD #318 Schools, Administration Office and Student Nutrition Services Department. An application may be submitted at any time throughout the school year.

Applications may be submitted electronically through your Parent Portal account.

All families who complete an application and are approved prior to October 1, 2019, will receive free breakfast for their children regardless of income eligibility.

Completing an application (all required information must be provided before approval can be obtained).
Income Eligibility:
  • Only one application is required per family.
  • List all family members and income sources in your household.
  • Signature of household adult completing the application with their last 4 digits of their social security number.
Categorical Eligibility:
  • Only one application is required per family.
  • List all children's names, DOB, grade and school.
  • Signature of household adult completing the application