Food Allergy Action Care Plan

Bee/Insect Allergy Action Care Plan

Diabetes Action Care Plan

Asthma Action Care Plan

Seizure Action Care Plan

Medication Form Asthma

Medication Form

ILI Reporting form to MDH

Chicken pox/shingles reporting form to MDH

 Training for Staff

Winning with Asthma (video)

 School Exclusion and Infection Control

Infectious Disease Manual

Minnesota Department of Health: Diseases and Conditions

CDC Vacines and Preventable Diseases

School Guidelines for dealing with Bed Bugs


Asthma Information for ISD 318 Nurses

Asthma Triggers

Hearing Training Manual

Otoscopic and Tympanopy Training Manual

Vision Screening Manual


Mayo Health

School Health Resources  (MN Department of Education)

KIds  Depression

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Depression: Signs and Symptoms and Warning signs

Food Allergy Network

 Medication Procedures/Guidelines

Minnesota Medication Guidelines in Schools

Authority of School Nurses to Provide Non-Prescription Medication

ISD 318 Medication Policy

 Legal Statutes


Emergency Care

 Head Injuries

Concussion/Head Injury from CDC

Asthma Triggers