• Update July 20, 2021

    School this fall is going to look much more normal than a year ago. The district is still waiting for final word on what the 2021-2022 School Year will look like, however, we know that schools will be given more local control and COVID-19 responses will be based on community- and school-level data. We expect to have the final guidance from MDE by August 2.

    Families will be happy to know that face masks will not be required in our schools. However, there is still federal guidance from the CDC that requires face masks on mass transit, which does include school buses. It will take federal action to change that requirement.

    Schools will still need to report cases of COVID-19 and families should still keep their child home if they are sick. If a child gets sick at school, a parent or guardian will need to bring the child home.


    • A 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated close contacts is considered the best health practice. However, schools may consider using a shortened exclusion period for unvaccinated contacts exposed in school or childcare settings. With case and transmission rates low in the county, we do not plan to contact trace or require quarantines this fall. We have been operating under this guidance during our summer learning programs.