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What is a 318Pride story?

Button image - share your pride storyThe #318Pride stories section of our website is a chance for you to share your successes! Teachers, tell us about achievements in the classroom. Students, share your academic and athletic accomplishments. Families, submit your positive experiences at our schools. Staff members, offer your victories.

We want to celebrate all that you're doing for #318Pride! Just submit your success using our easy form and we'll look for ways to share it on our website, newsletters, social media sites and more!
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Music in our Schools

The 1st grade music program at Southwest was absolutely adorable but what stood out what Rachel's excitement for her students. From smiles, winks, thumbs up, and facial expressions, Rachel was constantly showing her students they were doing a good job and that she was proud of them. It was so wonderful to see her genuine enthusiasm for teaching!..More Information

Investing in Mental Health

Earlier this month, KARE 11 did a piece on the shortage of school counselors in MN. ISD 318 should be very proud that our community and school board addressed our ratios by taking advantage of the grant and adding school counselors in our district!  My ratio went from over 500 to about 350 when we added a counselor at GRHS.  And, all of our elementary schools now have a counselor or social worker as well!  ..More Information

Keeping Kids Safe

The RJEMS staff working to keep our students safe in the morning are doing a fantastic job. In all weather, our bus monitors are out ensuring students can navigate the traffic safely. And they do it all with a smile on their face. 

I had a meeting at the middle school last week, and every bus monitor I passed shared a hearty greeting and a welcoming smile with me. It certainly improved my mood, and I imagine it makes a difference for our students every day. Thank you!

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Compassionate Staff

I had the opportunity to shadow Mr. Christopher Brown and his classroom yesterday. I witnessed nothing but complete professionalism from his paras and nothing but complete respect for all the students in his care. I was honored to witness how gracious, caring and loving he was towards all his students in his care. Students under the care of Mr. Brown are fortunate to have him. I was honored to witness love and compassion in action. Grand Rapids School District is extremely fortunate to have him as an employee. Mr. Brown, thank you for your sustained excellence and faithful commitment towards the students in your care!! Well Done!..More Information

Celebrating Students

Burdick arm raised by refNate Burdick was down 5 to 3 in third period and in the last twenty seconds Nate gets a reversal and ties the match and with four or five seconds left, he scores two points to help his team get to state. Nate is an outstanding young man. He has experienced much growth this past year and we are excited to witness and celebrate his success on and off the mat...More Information

Acing Assessments

Being in charge of MAP testing can't be easy and I don't envy Nichole Arbour but she makes it look easy! I was in need of help with my first hour class because there were some bumps in the road with testing. I asked her to swing on by if she could and she was there within minutes! She answered my questions and took care of the issues, all with a smile on her face! She never once made me feel bad for asking for help! It was greatly appreciated and I am thankful for all she does.
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Mr. Linder Makes a Difference

Mr. Linder is an amazing teacher. He has impacted our son's life in ways that can't be measured. Mr. Linder's hours of work with our son in FFA gave him opportunities to work on leadership and speaking skills. Mr. Linder took time from his personal schedule to meet with us as a family to help our son make decisions about post-secondary education. His investment in our son has been greatly appreciated! Mr. Linder is a quiet, unsung hero in ISD318...More Information

Thank you custodians!

On an average day, there are 8-10 different groups using the RJEMS facilities after school. This amounts to around 400-500 students and adults in the building after school hours. I would like to give recognition to the RJEMS custodial staff for their flexibility and friendly service to our community groups.

Principal Appreciation

As a team member, I hear nothing but great things about our leadership team at the high school. As employees, we are very fortunate to have bosses that are honest, positive, confident and student-centered. I want to take the time and thank Mr. Forbort, Mr. Dass, Mr. Schroeder, Mr. Pierce and Mr. Brunetta -all of you are OUTSTANDING bosses...thank you!

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