Teacher and students working on floorOur district’s teachers provide a high-quality education to our students. But students need enough space and the right space to learn their best. To continue the high-quality education the community expects, the School Board recommends building two new neighborhood elementary schools in Grand Rapids and renovating and expanding Cohasset Elementary to give students and teachers enough space and the right space to succeed.

The School Board plan follows the recommendations of the citizen-led Elementary Facilities Taskforce, which was made up of more than 200 volunteers who dedicated over 2,000 hours of their time to investigating the needs in the schools and exploring solutions.

Needs in the four elementary schools in Grand Rapids and Cohasset
  • Not enough space for all students
  • 14 portables classrooms in use
  • 5th graders were moved to RJEMS to ease crowding in the elementary schools, this move has caused a space shortage and larger class sizes at the middle school
  • Old schools are less efficient and aren’t designed for today’s teaching and learning
  • There is very little space for small group individualized instruction, forcing lessons to take place in the hallway, in library aisles, and in converted closets.
  • Limited access to technology in some classrooms.
How the 2018 School Board plan meets these needs:
  • Builds two new, right-sized, neighborhood schools in Grand Rapids to replace the three current elementary schools; these two new schools would have enough of the right space to allow teachers to teach and students to learn 21st-century skills.
  • Renovates and expands Cohasset Elementary to eliminate overcrowding at that school and create space for in-demand early childhood and community education classes, plus provide community wellness and activity space for all residents.
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