Teacher and students working on floorOur district’s teachers provide a high-quality education to our students. But students need enough space and the right space to learn their best. To continue the high-quality education the community expects, the School Board is putting a plan up for a vote by district residents.

Why do we need a plan now?
  • Not enough space for all students
  • 14 portables classrooms in use
  • Kindergarten enrollment closed at 2 schools — so new students can’t go to school closest to home
  • 5th graders are still at RJEMS causing a space shortage and larger class sizes at the middle school
  • Not enough room in schools for state-mandated early childhood programs
  • Old schools are less efficient and aren’t designed for today’s teaching and learning
  • Learn more about the need for new elementary schools in our complete FAQ

On June 26, the Elementary Facilities Taskforce (EFT) recommended a solution to our space crunch. 
  • The EFT was made up of more than 200 community volunteers who put in more than 2,000 hours examining needs and exploring solutions
  • They recommend two new neighborhood elementary schools in Grand Rapids to replace our three older schools, and renovation and expansion at Cohasset Elementary
  • The EFT plan is less expensive than the 2015 plan and the School Board is examining ways to cut costs even further
  • View their full presentation here
If you have thoughts or questions about our facility plan, share your thoughts here on our website.