On June 26, the Elementary Facilities Taskforce (EFT) recommended the construction of two neighborhood K-5 elementary schools of 750 students, plus a new K-5 community school in Cohasset of 300 students that would replace the 1922 portion of the current Cohasset building. View their presentation here.

The EFT came together to explore options and provide more information to the community about important decisions regarding schools for our district's youngest learners. 

The district met with community volunteers, staff members, and businesses to seek advice on ways to increase engagement among our stakeholders. Out of these meetings, and with the help of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber, the EFT was formed.

After months of dedication and hard work, our fellow community members on the EFT recommended what they believe is the best plan for today's and tomorrow's elementary students in ISD 318.

The School Board will be examining the plan in further detail. Community members can share their thoughts here on our website.