ISD 318 Facility Planning

“Together, teaching and learning for life to achieve excellence.”

Amazing things are happening in our schools, but some things are holding us back.

It has become clear that the solution to our elementary schools being educationally adequate involves much more than the Johnson Controls analysis of structural needs and repair. While those maintenance needs continue to exist (and expand), a new light has been shining on the educational programming needs of our schools and how our children deserve schools which support current and future needs.

Community input with the Johnson Controls study and the research done by elementary principals has given us a framework to start with. 
We know that:

  • Children need schools that promote accessibility.
  • Children need school buildings that are adaptable to change.
  • Children need schools that are designed for collaborative, 21st Century learning.
  • Children need schools containing collaborative, multi-use space within and without.
  • Children need schools that support an environment inspiring learning and promoting interaction.
  • Children need schools that are designed for safety and security, yet remain an “open” facility.
  • Children and parents need family resource areas within schools.
  • Schools are used by the community beyond the school day.
  • Welcoming schools have an open environment, with lots of windows and natural light.

We need to explore facility needs together, and we want your input about where the District is headed. Parents, families, and community members are welcome to join our Citizen Advocacy Group. Additional community insight will also be sought. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Your comments and questions are welcome.  Please click here. 

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